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Infrastructure Owner

Underground communication infrastructure owners are licensees holding Public Infrastructure Provider (PIP) licenses as issued by UCC and owning or operating underground communication infrastructure. Infrastructure owners can declare their contact information through the Underground Communication Infrastructure Information Exchange Platform (UCIIP). They can be informed of planned civil/digging/excavation work in areas where they own underground assets.

Underground infrastructure owners will receive notifications of planned civil work in the areas where they possess underground infrastructure.

How to use the system as a Infrastructure Owner

  • Register through filling the online form and submitting it a long with a cover letter to UCC physically at their office in Bugoloobi or through email
  • If approved, you will receive formal communication from the UCIIEP team via email
  • The Infrastructure Owner will then be able to receive enquiries from Digging entities.
  • The Infrastructure Owner will establish a direct contact with Digging entity to protect underground assets.
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