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Broadcasting Services

The liberalization of the communications sector has revolutionized broadcasting, transforming it from a singular national entity to a diverse landscape of private broadcasters. Broadcasting, encompassing both sound and TV, has witnessed remarkable growth and technological advancements.

Forms of Broadcasting

The Enduring Role of Traditional Broadcasting:
Despite technological advancements, traditional broadcasting remains the most pervasive form of media, particularly in Africa. Its unparalleled reach connects communities and fosters shared experiences. The Uganda Communications Commission recognizes the enduring influence of traditional broadcasting and actively adapts licensing frameworks to accommodate its continued significance.

Types of Licensed Broadcasting Services

Licensing Process

  • All broadcasting license applications, whether for sound or TV, are facilitated through UCC eServices.
  • FM radio broadcasting applicants initiate the process with spectrum frequency authorization, ensuring efficient spectrum utilization.
  • TV broadcasting applicants navigate through the licensing process, selecting from various platforms based on their content and coverage goals.

For inquiries and applications, visit UCC eServices

DAB Pilot Project

On September 28, 2023, UCC inaugurated the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) Pilot Project, marking a new era in radio broadcasting. The one-year project gathers technical, economic, policy, and consumer insights to inform the potential commercial rollout of DAB+.

Objectives – The DAB+ Pilot Project aims to evaluate technology attributes, identify prerequisites for national rollout, assess market readiness, encourage digital content development, understand costs and revenue models, and inform policy and regulatory requirements.

Technology – DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus) is at the core of this project, offering enhanced audio quality, reduced interference, efficient spectrum utilization, and additional features compared to traditional FM radio.

DAB+ Pilot Project Details:

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