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Type Approval Application

Processing of Applications for Type Approval

1. Introduction

Type Approval is the process by which Communications Equipment that meets the minimum technical requirements specified by the Commission, is authorized by the Commission to be sold, distributed, imported or used in Uganda. The process of type approval is intended to ensure that radio communication and telecommunication equipment complies with a set of national and international regulatory standards and requirements.

2. Type Approval Application Processing Procedure in Uganda

  • An application shall be made through the online portal at and all associated required documents shall be uploaded.
  • Account Registration procedure
  • As a first-time user you may follow the steps below to submit applications or if already registered, ignore steps a and b:
  • Click on the link; or copy paste the link onto your browser address bar,
  • First time registration – Register your email address and password,
  • Login in as the applicant with your registered login credentials,
  • Populate the type approval application form,
  • Attach the supporting documents,
  • Submit the application,
  • You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt once the application is successfully submitted,
  • You will receive periodic updates by email and/or through user account updates in the portal on the progress of your application.

3. An application shall be reviewed and if found satisfactory, the applicant shall be invoiced, and the certificate shall be issued after payment of the applicable fees.

4. Applications forms

Accessible at Click on the link or copy paste the link onto your browser address bar. The eservices portal requires you to first create an account, then log into that account to submit your application.

5. Fees structure

According to the Commission Fees structure, the applicable fees for Type Approval are summarized in Table 2 below.

Table 2: Applicable Fees for Type Approval

SN Description Fees In USD Per Annum (Unless Stated)
1. Application processing fee 20
2. VSAT type approval 20
3. Telecom Network subsystem 150
4. Telecom Base station subsystem 625
5. Media Gateway subsystem 1500
6. Radio equipment <10 watts 100
7. Radio equipment 11 - 25 watts 200
8. Radio equipment 26 - 50 watts 300
9. Radio equipment 51 - 100 watts 500
10. Radio equipment >100 watts 1000
11. PABX 500
12. Vehicle immobiliser 150
13. Tracking Device 50
14. STB’s 150
15. Mobile TV, IDTV 200
16. TV & Radio Broadcast Equipment 200
17. Community Broadcast Equipment 150

6. Additional Information

The Commission has noted an increase in importation of walkie-talkies/radio calls prior to obtaining approvals. To avoid inconveniences, the Commission wishes to inform the public to have all equipment type approved before importing, installing and operating in Uganda.

Type Approval Framework for Communications Equipment in Uganda

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