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Uganda Communications
Commission (UCC)

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) was established under the legal framework of the Uganda Communications Act No. 1 of 1997 and the Electronic Media Act of 1996. Consequently, UCC operates as an integrated regulatory body overseeing various sectors, including Telecommunications, Data Communications, Broadcasting, Postal Communication, Radio Communication, and Infrastructure services throughout Uganda. It is also tasked with the responsibility of licensing operations of cinematography theatres and video or film libraries in Uganda.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Core Values

At the heart of our journey towards digital excellence lie our core values, which we abbreviate as EPIC:

Our Mandate

UCC is mandated to develop a modern communication sector in Uganda. In implementing it’s mandate, UCC seeks to achieve the following:

UCC Client Service Charter

The Uganda Communications Commission’s Client Service Charter represents our pledge to deliver exceptional services to all those we serve. Within this Charter, we define the service benchmarks that individuals can anticipate when interacting with the Commission and it’s staff.

The Client Service Charter outlines the rights and responsibilities of consumers and the procedure to follow if the Commission’s service standards are not met.

To facilitate consumer feedback, we have provided a client feedback form, enabling stakeholders to furnish us with feedback on our performance and suggestions for enhancing our services.

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