A Digging Entity/ Contractor is an entity that carries out Digging/Excavation/Construction works.

  • Construction works means works usually undertaken by a person carrying on business as a contractor in the construction industry or as a professional construction or structural engineer relating to the construction, reconstruction, extension, renovation, alteration, demolition or repair of any building, road, railway, bridge, flyover, sewer or sewage works any soil investigation works
  • Digging works means any works for or relating to the laying, inspection, repairing or re-newing of any mains, pipes, cables, fittings or other apparatus.
  • Excavation works means any act of excavating earth, rock or other material, the driving or sinking of any earth rod, casing or tube into the ground, boring, dredging, jacking, levelling, piling or tunneling on or under any premises, road or street by any mechanical means (by whatever means) e.g uprooting of trees

How to use the system as a Digging Entity/ Contractors

  • Register through filling the online form and submitting it a long with a cover letter to UCC physically at their office in Bugoloobi or through email registry@ucc.co.ug
  • If approved, you will receive formal communication from the UCIIEP team via email uciiep@ucc.co.ug
  • The Digging entity/ Contractor will then be able to send out messages to infrastructure owners with underground assets in areas of planned civil works.
  • The Digging entity/ Contractor and infrastructure owners establish a direct contact to protect underground assets, either by exchanging maps or via other means (for example, by requesting infrastructure owners to participate in excavation works in order to show or mark their underground infrastructure on site).

Emergency Works

Emergency works: These are digging/excavation/construction works that require immediate action because;

  • The situation is or may become a public health hazard has occurred,
  • There is obvious risk of personal injury or
  • There is obvious risk for significant property damage.

Emergency Enquiry: This is an enquiry created for works that are emergency in nature. Refer to above.

An emergency enquiry gives the underground communication infrastructure owners the contact channels (email and mobile phone numbers) of the digging/excavating/construction entity of the. The underground communication infrastructure owners are expected to immediately contact the digging/excavating/construction entity before works start.

Underground communication infrastructure owners are expected to implement emergency management instructions promptly.

Planned Works

Planned works are scheduled works. Enquiries should be submitted at least 20 working days before commencement of works.