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George William Nyombi Thembo

Executive Director

George William Nyombi Thembo, is the newly appointed Executive Director of Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).  He has been serving in the capacity of the Director of the Uganda Communications Universal Service and Access Fund (UCUSAF) since January 2017. With a distinguished career that spans various sectors, Mr. Nyombi brings a wealth of executive management experience and expertise to his current position.

Professional Background:

Mr. Nyombi’s illustrious career spans both the political arena and various key roles in the public and private sectors, culminating in his current position as the esteemed head of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC)

Prior to assuming his pivotal role at the UCC, Mr. Nyombi carved a distinguished path in politics, serving as a Member of Parliament from 2001 to 2015. During this tenure, he showcased his leadership prowess by undertaking ministerial responsibilities in the Ugandan Cabinet, presiding over crucial portfolios such as Primary Education, Luwero Triangle, and Information and Communications Technology.

Before venturing into the realm of politics, Mr. Nyombi demonstrated his commitment to public service and strategic planning. In the early 1990s, he held progressive roles at the Uganda Railways Corporation, including positions as an analyst, planning officer, and senior planning officer in Strategic Planning. Subsequently, he extended his influence as a Project Coordinator for the Transport Rehabilitation Project (Railway Component) and as a Transport Database Specialist at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). His dynamic engagement in public administration was further highlighted by his role as the Chairman of the Finance and Administration Committee of the Kampala City Council from 1997 to 2001, which is now known as KCCA.

Mr. Nyombi’s multifaceted background is accentuated by his extensive education and diverse experiences, positioning him as a dynamic, strategic thinker, and accomplished leader. His notable leadership as Minister of State, ICT (Communication), overseeing the pivotal analogue to digital migration and the enactment of the UCC Act, 2013, alongside subsequent regulations, reflects his deep impact on the communications landscape. Additionally, his transformative role as the Director of the Uganda Communications Universal Access and Service Fund (UCUSAF) underscores his commitment to advancing the communications sector in Uganda.

Beyond the confines of regulatory expertise, Mr. Nyombi is a passionate participant in the creative industry. His involvement in music, dance, and drama goes beyond mere hobbies, as he is not only a director and founder member of Ndere Troupe Limited but also a distinguished playwright, songwriter, and producer. This commitment to the arts earned him the prestigious title of Best Actor in Uganda in 1985 by the Uganda Theatrical Groups Association (UTGA). This unique blend of regulatory expertise and creative involvement encapsulates Mr. Nyombi’s dynamic and well-rounded leadership in the diverse communications sector, bringing immense value to the Uganda Communications Commission as the authoritative regulator of the communications landscape in Uganda.

Educational Achievements:

Mr. Nyombi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Social Administration from Makerere University (1989), and a Master of Science in Development Economics from Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) with distinction in 2008. His academic journey also includes a postgraduate diploma in Project management from Uganda Management Institute – UMI (2003) and an advanced diploma in national development and project planning from Bradford University, UK (1994).

Furthermore, Mr. Nyombi has pursued specialized education in telecommunications regulation at the University of Florida, USA, and holds certificates in communications regulatory frameworks from the same institution (2018). His commitment to continuous learning is evident through certificates in Advanced ICT Policy from the Galilee Institute of Management in Israel (2012) and certifications in transportation management (ESAMI, 1992) and investments analysis (University of Bradford, UK, 1992). Mr. Nyombi is also recognized as a Certified Public Private Partnership professional.

Personal Details: Mr. Nyombi Thembo is a family man-married with children.

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