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ICT For PWDs – Program

UCUSAF’s mission is to implement targeted interventions that promote digital inclusiveness. This has guided UCUSAF’s support for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in the use of ICT enabled technologies and improve the quality of life and social and economic participation through the usage of ICTs. UCUSAF recognizes the importance of knowing who it’s constituents are, understanding their needs, and acting in a targeted way to improve their quality of life. These goals align with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals related to quality education (SDG 4), industry, innovation, and infrastructure (SDG 9), and sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11).

UCUSAF is implementing this program through creation and maintenance of an online observatory for PWDs intended to link PWDs with service providers and different programs that empower them, provision of assistive devices to educational institutions to support learning for PWDs, assessment of disabilities to provide adaptive tools that enhance their quality of life through ICTs, and digital skilling. This program aims to improve the accessibility of education and technology for PWDs and promote their full and effective participation in society.

Enhanced strategic collaboration between different government and private stakeholders in addressing the social economic participatory needs of PWDS.

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