Use of Communication Devices in Uganda that conform to the Communications Standards

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March 6, 2018
Application for renewal of a national telecommunication license by MTN Uganda Limited
March 15, 2018

The Uganda Communications Commission is a body Corporate established under Section 4 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 to regulate the telecommunications, radio, television, broadcasting and postal and courier services industry in Uganda.

The Uganda Communications Commission is in accordance with The Uganda Communications Act 2013 mandated under section
5(i), ‘’to set national standards and ensure compliance with national and international standards and obligations laid down by international communication agreements and treaties to which Uganda is a party’’ and
5(k), ‘’to safe guard the interests of consumers and operators as regards the quality of communications services and equipment;’’.

Accordingly, UCC conducts type approval of telecommunications and radio communication apparatus, customer terminals/devices and network equipment to ascertain that these conform to the specified requirements or standards for their use in Uganda.  This includes all mobile phones and other devices used to deliver or receive telecommunications or radio communication services. 

In this respect, Regulation 7 of the Telecommunications (Telecommunications and Radio Communications Equipment Type Approval) Regulations 2005 makes it a responsibility of whoever imports or sells communications equipment in Uganda to first obtain Type Approval from the Commission.

It has come to the attention of the Commission that a number of mobile handset distributors in the country have continued to import, sell, distribute and retail mobile phone handsets and other communications devices without first obtaining Type Approved for such devices from the Commission and many of which do not conform to the prescribed standards.
Please be advised that the importation or sale of any mobile phone handset or communications device that has not been type approved by the Commission is illegal and in contravention to the law.

Any non-Type approved devices imported into the country shall be denied access to the telecommunications platforms and shall therefore not be able to work or be used in Uganda.
Vendors are   therefore called upon to seek Type Approval from the Uganda Communications Commission for all the communications equipment and devices including but not limited to mobile phone handsets with immediate effect. The public should always insist on evidence of type approval from vendors.

Please be advised that the Commission shall carry out a massive enforcement exercise including but not limited to confiscation of all communications equipment and devices that do not conform to the standards prescribed by the Commission and that have not been type approved by the Commission in accordance with its mandate in Section 4 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013.

Should members of the public require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Uganda Communications Commission.

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