UCC Research Support

Research is aimed at advancing or creating new knowledge and is therefore instrumental in driving innovation, competitiveness, economic performance and national development.

Section 5(1) (l) of the Uganda Communications Act, 2013 requires Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to promote research into the development and use of new communications techniques and technologies, including those which promote accessibility of persons with disability and other members of society to communications service.

Accordingly, UCC established the 'Research Support Program' in 2011 to facilitate the creation of new knowledge to drive the development and usage of communications services towards the achievement of sustainable development in Uganda. The initiative thus seeks to ensure that:

  • Uganda's research capacity is facilitated to contribute to the country's economy and society;
  • The outputs of the research work supported are fully exploited;
  • The Research conducted is responsive to industry needs or sector development needs including informing government policy and legislation;
  • Knowledge exchange among various research entities and between industry and academia is encouraged.

Funds under this program will be awarded on a competitive basis in response to a 'Call for Proposals' under two main funding streams:

Terms and Conditions of the Research Support Program

  1. The funding under this program shall cover only research expenses that are directly associated with the research project. Fees, salaries and other such remuneration will not be eligible for consideration. Applicants shall be required to sign a grant agreement that shall guide the disbursement of funds.
  2. UCC reserves the right to cancel the Research Support awarded if deemed necessary or abused, and/or due to circumstances that may arise outside of its control.
  3. Any form of lobbying by applicants or their team members shall lead to the express disqualification of that particular application.
  4. The Commission reserves the right to appropriately publicize any information submitted; however, due regard shall be given to any information that warrants utmost confidentiality or where intellectual property rights accrue.