Requirements associated with provision of postal and courier services

List of Prohibited Items
The World Customs Organisation (WCO), the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) stipulate the type of items that cannot be sent through the postal network.  This is to protect the postal network facilities, postal employees, the customers and the public.

The lists of prohibited goods include illicit drugs, counterfeit or pirated articles, explosive or flammable goods and live animals.

List of Licensed Post and Courier operators as of July 2017
List of Narcotic Drugs under International Control
Classification of Hazardous Material

Post and Courier Operational Standards



Speed and Reliability



Delivery target is at least 85% i.e. 85% of all letters received by the operator must be delivered to the addressee within the set standard.

Posted for delivery within the same urban area

P  Posted before 4:00PM
Posted after 4:00PM

J stands for the day of Posting or presentation of an article at the receiving Counter

J+0 (Same day Delivery)
J+1 (Delivery is after one day of Posting)

Posted in urban areas for delivery within other urban areas

J+1 (Delivery after one day)

Posted in urban areas for delivery in rural areas

J+2  (Delivery after two days)

Posted in rural areas for delivery in other rural areas

J+2  (Delivery after two days)

Posted for delivery in special (hardship) areas.

J+3 (Delivery after three days)

Letters (International)

Same as local upon clearance at the  Entebbe International Airport.

Incoming /Inbound International Mail measured by the Global Monitoring System (GMS).

85% of incoming mail should be delivered within 5 days from time of posting to delivery i.e. K+5.



2.Private letter boxes/bags (UPL)

Provision of letter boxes/bags on application

•  Urban areas
•  Rural areas



4 weeks 
2 weeks

Replacement of private box/bag lock consequent upon loss of keys

I day

  1. Complaint Resolution

85% of all complaints received are resolved within 24 hrs.

Documented Processes of complaint resolution.

Complaints register  and reports


4.Operator Disclosure

Information displayed at each operational outlet to support a customer’s purchase decision

(Opening hours, Claims/Liability handling Policy, Tariffs, UCC licence, Contact information, Delivery times, Prohibited items, Terms of Carriage etc)

Service accessibility

Presence of pick and drop off points set out by an operator or an appointed agent.


Number of operational service outlets submitted by each operator to UCC

Hardship Areas include Ntoroko, Nakapiripit, Kalangala, Bundibugyo, Zombo etc

Applicable to only the National Operator (UPL)

K = Day of Postage