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Broadband, Communication, Information society, Media law, Electronic disclosure, Digital-divide, Telecoms, Cyber-crime, Regulation, Spectrum, Radio communication, eHealth, Trends in telecom.

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Key Themes



Big Data Opportunity or Threat?

Emerging trends in ICT sector

Data Protection

Data new frontiers


Costs limit BroadBand usage in EA
5G - time to plan now

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing easy access to data

Cyber security

Cyber Criminals bleeding Africa Financial Institutions dry

Experts warn on rising cyver violence against women in EA

Digital Age

Trends in Telecommunation

Trends in Telecommunation Reforms

Digital language apps

Digital Age comes with cyber risk

Closing digital divide

AC group drives Kigali into digital age


Digital financial services Regulating for financial inclusion

Digital Financial Services

Ditial Banking

Banks Ditch Branches for Digital Migration

Ascent Capital buys stake in MTN Mobile Money

Adaptive TCP


Disruptive Internet of Things

One Area Network

East Africa One Network Area roaming initiative


Posta Sector - Must Change

ITU Magazines

ITU Magazine 2016

ITU Magazine 2017

ITU Magazine 2017

ITU Magazine - How ICTs are accelerating the SDGs


Spectrum Clash and Mobile Sector

Assement and use of radio spetrum

ICT & Environment

The Future impact of ICTs and Environmental Sustainability

ICTs for environment - Development

Facts and Figures

ICT Facts and Figures 2016

ICT Facts and Figures 2013 by ITU

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