Information Corner

Key among UCC's objectives is to promote consumer awareness and protect interests and rights of the consumer in the communications sector through an effective regulatory and licensing service.

UCC derives its mandate on consumer protection from the Uganda Communications Act as follows;

Section 5 (m) to promote the interests of consumers and operators as regards the quality of communications services and equipment

Section 5 (i) to receive and investigate complaints relating to communications services and take necessary action upon them.

The Consumer Affairs Office of the Uganda Communications Commission is under the Executive Directors Office. The office undertakes Consumer information, education and protection activities of the Commission.

The overall goal of UCC's Consumer Affairs office is to position the consumer to play an active role in the communications sector development through consumer protection and awareness.

Consumer Affairs Activities

1. Managing an effective consumer complaint redress mechanism.
2. Conducting consumer awareness and education programmes.
3. Strengthening dialogue among stakeholders in the sector.
4. Conducting Consumer research
5. Promoting ICT usage.

Consumer Obligations or Responsibilities

a) Prompt payment of Bills

Consumers have an obligation to pay all their bills and clear these when they are due.

b) Environmental Protection

Each consumer has a responsibility of ensuring that his/her utilization or consumption of communication services is not in a manner hazardous to the environment.

The environment is the responsibility of every individual on the planet. As an example of this responsibility, a consumer should ensure that wraps and scratch cards are disposed off safely or in the appropriate way.

c) Awareness

It is the responsibility of the consumer to be alert and to question issues such as terms and conditions of service.

Consumers should know their rights and obligation as well as finding out the other information available to them.

d) Action

A consumer has an obligation to be assertive so as to ensure that he/she and other users of the service(s) receive a Fair deal.

It is wrong for a consumer to notice a weakness in a service received or in the sector and remain silent about it.

e) Protection of Communication Facilities

A consumer has a responsibility to protect all communication equipment and Facilities within his/her vicinity.