Guidelines and application forms

In accordance with The Uganda Communications Act 2013, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is mandated, under section 5(i), "to set national standards and ensure compliance with national and international standards and obligations laid down by international communication agreements and treaties to which Uganda is a party" and section 5(k), "to safeguard the interests of consumers and operators as regards the quality of communications services and equipment".

The document provides guidance to the Content Service providers that will assist them in providing the correct details in the application forms for Logical Channel Numbers (LCNs).

Logical Channel Number (LCN)
A logical channel number is the number allocated to each of the program and services being carried over broadcasting multiplexes; basically, these are the numbers the viewer's press to access the different available services. They range from 001 to 999.

Importance of LCN
a) They enable unique identification of different services using different ID numbers and can be used to avoid service conflicts.
b) They are user friendly and convenient i.e. the numbers are arranged in a "logical" manner that is easy for a viewer to store and recall their "favourites".
c) They enable signal distributers and broadcasters to prioritize certain services; for example, a service allocated the LCN 001 will always appear first on the list of available services.
d) Ease of consumer access to the DTT content. Without an implemented LCN, a DVB T2 receiver arranges all the available services randomly, and as such it becomes difficult for viewers to know what channel number a particular channel is on.

Guidelines on the Application for Logical Channel Numbers

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LCN Application Form

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