Film Licensing Procedures

The applicant for Distribution, Exhibition and Exhibition premises licenses shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Submit an application letter for either a distributor/Exhibitor or/an Exhibition Premises License to the Commission/UCC) in writing.
  2. Provide a copy of Certificate of Incorporation/Registration of Business name
  3. Provide a Certified true copy of Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association (for only National and Regional Operators)
  4. Provide a Business plan (for only National and Regional Operators)
  5. Submit Fire Service Certificate (for only exhibition premises/viewing halls)
  6. A copy of agreement with the distributor (for only National and Regional Exhibitors)
  7. Provide health suitability certificate/letter from the local authorities in the area where the exhibition's premises/view hall are located
  8. Evidence of payment of application processing license fees as specified below;
  9. Proof of ownership of the premises or a copy of the agreement with the owner of the premises if rented;(Only applicable to exhibition premises),
  10. Signed Undertaking of the Distributors or Exhibitors as outlined in the Guidelines for Film distribution and exhibition,
  11. Completed UCC prescribed application forms,
  12. Publication of successful applicants by the Commission, and,
  13. All distributors registered and licensed by the Commission shall apply and obtain a release certificate for each visual-audio film and video works intended for commercial distribution within Uganda.

For all first time applicants for licenses of film distribution and film exhibition services, a provisional license will be issued for a period of one year to allow the operator time to align with the UCC licensing conditions. After that one year with proven compliance, a five-year license will be issued and shall be renewable annually.