Dr. Jimmy Pat Saamanya

Board Member

Dr. Saamanya was the Permanent Secretary and Accounting Officer for Ministry of ICT and National Guidance for 10 years (2007 to 2016). He has a working experience of 36 years in the Public service in the fields of ICT, Agriculture and Animal Industry.

His key responsibilities included: Organisation and operations of the Ministry, Implementation of the policies of Government of Uganda; Formulation and or review of National policies, strategic plans, laws and regulations pertaining to the ICT sector.

Prior to this, Dr. Saamanya had an experience of over 20 years in Agriculture and Animal Industry. Among others, he spearheaded development and implementation of the National Dairy Development Policy and Act 2001.

Dr. Saamanya has an MBA, M.Sc (Agric.) and B.Vet. Med. His key competencies and expertise include: Policy formulation and analysis; strategic planning; formulation and review of projects; and institutional and human resource management.
Currently, he is a freelance Consultant and practicing farmer.