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July 6, 2023
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May 2023

Uganda Communications Commission is the telecommunications regulator for Uganda. It collects and processes personal data that it needs to carry out its statutory functions and to operate as a public body, including employing and contracting staff.

This general statement covers all of these various purposes. In most cases we will collect that data from you directly (for example, if you are applying for a license from us). However, from time to time we might need to collect personal data about you from a third party, such as your communications provider.

In accordance with our legal obligations, this General Privacy Statement sets out the information you need to know about the way in which the Commission will collect, process, and store your personal data, how long we will keep it for, your rights in connection with that data, and the people with whom we may need to share it.

Whenever we request personal data for a specific purpose that is not covered in this General Privacy Statement, we will explain why we need that information and our lawful basis for collecting it. Similarly, if in the future we intend to process your data for a purpose other than that for which it was collected, we will provide you with information on that purpose and any other relevant information.

The Commission is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with data protection legislation.

  1. Collection and use (processing) of your personal information

The Uganda Communications Commission collects personal information in the course of its work from its employees, licensed operators, service providers, clients, and applicants for jobs and service provision. With a few exceptions, this information is limited to name, work address, email address, and phone numbers. The Commission does not share this information with third parties except to fulfill legal obligations or to facilitate the implementation of its mandate. The Commission’s responsibility therefore is only in respect of the personal information and data that it collects as the primary data collector and processor, which it commits to use only for the purpose and period for which the data or information is collected.

  1. Use of the website

As is the practice with most websites, our website may collect certain information, including internet protocol (IP) addresses, the region or general location where your computer or device is accessing the internet, browser type, operating system, and other usage information arising out of your use of the website. The Commission may use this information to improve its website to better suit users’ needs and may use your IP address to help diagnose problems with its server and to administer its website.

  1. When and how we share information with others

The personal information we collect from you may be stored in one or more databases hosted by third parties. These third parties do not use or have access to your personal information for any purpose other than cloud storage and retrieval. On occasion, we may engage third parties such as accountants, auditors, legal advisors, and other external professional advisors; IT systems support and hosting service providers; technical engineers; data storage and cloud providers; internal reporting software providers; recruitment agencies; outsourced payroll companies; onboarding providers and other similar third-party vendors and outsourced service providers that assist us in carrying out our business activities.

  1. Transferring personal data outside Uganda

The Commission may collect and transfer personal data outside Uganda to perform a contract with you; or to fulfill a compelling legitimate interest or legal obligation. We do this while maintaining the same standard for data protection and privacy as required by law in Uganda and in a manner that does not outweigh your right to protection and privacy. We endeavor to apply suitable safeguards to protect the privacy and security of your personal data and to use it only when consistent with your relationship with the Commission and the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

  1. Data subject rights

This Privacy Notice is intended to provide you with information about the personal data that the Commission collects about you and how it is used. If you wish to confirm that the Commission is processing your personal data, or to have access to the personal data the Commission may have about you, please contact us at

  1. Security of your information

To help protect the privacy of data and personally identifiable information you

transmit through use of this site, we maintain physical, technical, and administrative safeguards. We update and test our security technology on an ongoing basis.

  1. Data storage and retention

Your personal data is stored by the Commission on its servers, and on the servers of the cloud-based database management services the Commission engages. We retain data for the duration of the data subject’s business relationship with the Commission. For any queries related to the storage of your Personal information (include the category of information which can be requested) please contact the Commission at

  1. Changes and updates to the Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice and Conditions of Use are expected to evolve to reflect how we collect, process, and utilize personal data. We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Notice and Conditions of Use at any time, for any reason, without notice to you, other than the posting of the amended Privacy Notice and Conditions of Use at this Site.

  1. Right to Notice of Breach

The Commission has put in place appropriate safeguards as required by law to protect the privacy and security of the information in its custody. We will notify you in the event a breach occurs on the part of the Commission and inform you of what steps you need to take to protect yourself.

10.Paper copy of this Notice

You have a right, even if you have agreed to receive notices electronically, to obtain a paper copy of this Notice. To do so, please submit a request to the Privacy Officer at the address below.

11.Further Information

If you have an inquiry or complaint and need further assistance pursuant to this Notice, fill the form provided here and submit it to the Data Protection Officer at the following address:

Uganda Communications Commission Building,

Plot 42-44, Spring Road, Bugolobi.

Tel: +256312339133,