The Universal Postal Service

In a bid to ensure that sending and receiving of postal articles is accessible to all citizens, governments establish is a collection of universal service requirements covering the different dimensions such as:

  • Geographic scope,
  • Range of products,
  • Access to services and facilities,
  • Delivery frequency,
  • Affordable and uniform pricing,
  • Service quality and security of the mail.

Under the Uganda Communications Act of 2013, UPL as the national postal operator is supposed to provide reserved postal services, exclusively, as mandatory postal services, at uniform prices and conditions. The Act also places on UPL as the national postal operator an exclusive responsibility of producing and issuing postage stamps, pre-stamped envelopes, aerograms and international reply coupons bearing the official national coat of arms or the words "Republic of Uganda", "Uganda" or "Uganda Post".

UCC has also established a universal service program called the Rural Communications Development Fund (RCDF).

Ref: Communications (Universal Service) Regulations 2005. (embedded document will be hyper Linked).