Consumer Education & Awareness Programmes

The Commission appreciates that competition in the sector has increased following the increase in number of service providers. Therefore the need to empower consumers cannot be over emphasized.

 UCC believes that there is need to educate consumers to be alert of the quality of the products, and possible deficiencies in the services from the growing sector.

The Consumer Affairs Office plans, develops and conducts a countrywide series of consumer education and awareness activities through mass media and outreach programmes such as; Consumer Public Dialogues, ICT Youth Forums, Radio Talk shows, School visits and ICT Community Film shows. The activities are organized in collaboration with Consumer Advocacy Organisations.

The overall goal of these consumer awareness activities is to create and sustain awareness amongst different categories of consumers of communication services with a view of enabling them make informed decisions.

Essential issues consumers are educated on include:

a) Consumer rights and obligations
b) Redress seeking methods
c) Consumer intelligence and vigilance
d) Consumer assertiveness.
e) Communications sector trends
f) ICT developments and opportunities

Through the awareness activities, a number consumer concerns are identified, instant consumer feedback is got and dialogue between consumers, the regulator and service providers is strengthened.