Call for applications for a data collection facilitator for the 2019 study on Children Online in Uganda

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) 2019
May 17, 2019
Consumer Awareness activities in West Nile
June 24, 2019

The internet is a powerful tool through which a person can easily get a substantial amount of information and knowledge, including access to free online classes. However, children typically use the internet to interact socially, to play games, and to watch videos.

The internet though hosts content, some of which is not age appropriate for children and is also used by various persons to commit crimes. The children are thus exposed to vices such as stalking, hate speech, e-threats, paedophilia and “revenge” pornography, cyberbullying.

Uganda Commination Commission (UCC) is cognizant of these online risks and the need to protect Uganda’s youngest and vulnerable digital citizens and as such has made positive strides together with other government agencies, the private sector, multinational firms, teachers and many parents in the protection of children online despite limited documented literature on Uganda children online experiences.

In the bid to close this knowledge gap and design relevant or useful intervention on Uganda’s Children Online, UCC is conducting a study on the Ugandan Children Online behavioural characteristics. It’s against this background that UCC is seeking to engage the services of an experienced data collection expert to manage the data collection process on behalf of the UCC research and service development.

The duration for the assignment will be a maximum of 90 Calendar days with funding provided to cover the data collection process and its associated expenses. A total sample of about 2,500 Children and approximately 500 parents and teachers is envisaged. Supplementary non-financial facilitation associated with the study may be considered. Applicants are to submit their applications that MUST include technical and Financial proposals.

Deadline for applications is 5.00PM by Friday 28th June 2019 in conformity with attached Terms of Reference.
Submissions in PDF should be emailed to

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