Tariff Regulation

Amongst other functions, the Communications Act, Cap 106, Laws of Uganda mandates the UCC to "establish a tariff system to protect consumers from excessive tariff increase and avoid unfair tariff competition".

In pursuance of this mandate, the Commission establishes pricing frameworks within the various markets that it regulates. Regulatory pricing regimes take the following forms;
  • the price cap regime in reserved postal and other basic services
  • tariff reviews and approvals regimes prevailing in markets like retail voice and data prior to their launch
  • Whole sale reference rates like wholesale infrastructure and termination markets
  • Continuous reviews of existing tariffs
The choice of regulatory tariff decisions is based on;
  • Level of competitiveness in the relevant market based on market structure, conduct of players and overall market performance.
  • Impact on short and long term consumer well being.
  • Consideration of the overall government social welfare/ universal access policies
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