Spectrum Management

Spectrum Management is essential for maintaining access to radio spectrum to all users. The office of SM is responsible for the frequency planning; coordinating allocations assignments, regulating and administering of the use of radio frequencies; and the monitoring and enforcement procedures.

It is further responsible for establishing regulations, frequency fees structure, technical parameters and standards governing the use of each band ensuring that current international regulations are met.

Frequency Allocation Strategies

The use of radio spectrum is critical to Uganda's communications and indeed the country's economy. The use of radio frequency spectrum is constantly increasing with new services in the market to the advantage of technological changes.

UCC is putting in place spectrum management policies that must be flexible and responsive to the needs of the market, recognising that each class of spectrum user has different requirements. For example, promoting the use spectrum -efficient technologies, such as narrow band transmission, trunking between cells with high mutual traffic loads and digital signalling, can sometimes relieve crowding in the mobile radio frequencies.

The rise of competition in the restructured telecommunications and broadcasting sectors in Uganda is presenting new challenges in the way the radio frequency spectrum is manage

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