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Compliance with minimum broadcasting standards

Monday, 15th February 2016

The Uganda Communications Commission is a body Corporate established under Section 4 of the Uganda Communications Commission Act, No. 1 of 2013 to regulate the telecommunications, radio, television and postal and courier services industry in Uganda.

Section 31 of the Act prohibits any person from broadcasting any programme unless the broadcast or programme complies with Schedule 4 to the Act which provides that a broadcaster or video operator shall ensure that;

  1. Any programme which is broadcast
  2. Is not contrary to public morality;
  3. Does not promote the culture of violence or ethnical prejudice; among the public, especially the children and youth;
  4. In the case of news broadcast, is free from distortion of facts;
  5. Is not likely to create public insecurity or violence;
  6. Is in compliance with existing law;
  7. Programmes that are broadcast are balanced to ensure harmony in such prgrammes;
  8. adult-oriented programmes are appropriately scheduled;
  9. where a programme that is broadcast is in respect to a contender for public office, that contender is given equal opportunity on such a programme;
  10. Where a broadcast relates to national security, the contents of the broadcast are verified before broadcasting.

As Ugandans prepare themselves for the Presidential, Parliamentary, and Local Council elections, the role of Radio and Television broadcasters in the provision of information which enables citizens to take meaningful decisions, is greatly recognised and valued. It is, therefore, imperative that the broadcasters behave professionally in compliance with the Communications Act with specific regard to compliance with minimum broadcasting standards.

The Commission is concerned that while citizen journalism has its many advantages, it has the potential of disturbing peace and stability especially if used in a negative way. The Commission, therefore, calls for professional and responsible behaviour among broadcasters and users of social media by exercising self-regulation.

UCC shall continue to provide regulatory oversight based on the clear principles of transparency, accountability and fairness as enshrined in The Uganda Communications Act and it shall without hesitation invoke its regulatory powers to sanction those non-compliant media houses found to be in breach of the above minimum broadcasting standards in accordance with the law.

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